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Accurus Vitrectomy Machine

Compatible with the Alcon Accurus surgical system, Anuj Eye Hospital was created to give surgeons more choice when selecting their vitrectomy pack. By allowing you to continue to use your Alcon Accurus surgical system, Anuj Eye Hospital vitrectomy packs offer you an alternative to being forced into a next generation vitrectomy machine before you are ready. Synergetics believes you shouldn’t have to spend more money on a costly new machine or expensive next generation packs when you can continue to use the system you have grown to trust.

In addition to being compatible with the Alcon Accurus surgical system, Anuj Eye Hospital vitrectomy packs are designed to give you the choice of determining your own preferred pack configuration. The Standard Pack configuration includes all the same items you are used to in your current Alcon pack. The Efficiency Pack provides all the Standard Pack items except the light pipe, port entry system and infusion system. This is where Synergetics gives you more choices. Whether you prefer a widefield light to a focal endoilluminator, or polyimide cannulas to steel, the choice is yours. Discover the options and the freedom that Anuj Eye Hospital offers you and your facility.


We, at Anuj Eye Hospital, are equipped with all the diagnostic & surgical equipment for RETINA SURGERY.

  • KOWA FUNDUS CAMERA- for taking pictures of the retina & fluorescein angiography.
  • OPTOVUE OCT- for taking CT scan like slices of the retina.
  • B Scan ULTRASONOGRAPHY- for evaluation of retina & vitreous when media are hazy & visualization of posterior segment is not possible.
  • GREEN LASER- with slit lamp, indirect & endolaser delivery system.

  • It is used for retinal laser around retinal holes & breaks & also in diabetic retinopathy treatment.
  • BIOM- Binocular indirect ophthalmo microscope –for visualization of retina during surgery without the need for assistance.
  • CRYO UNIT –during buckling surgery for retinal detachment.

  • We are performing all the retinal surgeries for retinal detachment (buckle, vitrectomy with gas /silicone oil), Sutureless vitrectomy for diabetic retinopathy/vitreous haemorrhage, Intravitreal injection for ARMD(age related macular degeneration), Macular hole surgery, complicated retinal detachments.

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    Cataract surgery is an effective way to restore vision without any complications.

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    An experienced Dr. Anuj Amin is a popular eye surgeon, who performs all type of eye surgeries like laser eye surgery.

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    Anuj Hospital & Retina Centre rated as one of the leading Best Eye Hospital in India. and it has now become a full fledged outpatient Cataract Surgery Center with the most modern equipments and technology.
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