Retinal Treatments

Diabetic Retinopathy

Early-stage retinopathy may not need treatment, but more advanced retinopathy may require laser treatment or injections of medicine into the eye.

Immediate treatment may not be necessary if you have:

  • stage one (background) retinopathy
  • stage two (pre-proliferative) retinopathy
  • maculopathy with no symptoms

  • However, you should still attend your annual screening check to monitor the progress of your retinopathy. You may also be given advice on how to control your diabetes.

    If maculopathy is detected, you may need more frequent specialised testing (called optical coherence tomography). Additional tests may include a fluorescein angiography, which uses a camera and dye to examine blood flow in the back of the eye.

    Fluorescein Angiography

    Timothy J. Bennett, CRA, OCT-C, FOPS
    Penn State Hershey Eye Center
    Hershey, Pennsylvania

    Ophthalmic photography has at times seemed almost synonymous with fluorescein angiography. Since its introduction in the early 1960's, fluorescein angiography has become an essential tool in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of retinal disorders. This diagnostic procedure utilizes a specialized fundus camera or scanning laser ophthalmoscope to capture rapid-sequence photographs of the retina following an intravenous injection of fluorescein sodium. Photographic or video images taken as the dye courses through the eye can demonstrate abnormalities within the neurosensory retina, pigment epithelium, sclera, choroid, and optic nerve, providing clinically useful information for nearly the entire spectrum of posterior segment disorders.

    Green Laser Treatment

    Green Light Laser surgery uses laser energy introduced via a laser fiber placed though a small camera introduced into the patients urethra. The Green Light Laser energy is used to vaporize and remove enlarged prostate tissue that is obstructing urine flow thereby resulting in an open and unobstructed channel for urine to flow through. Patients are able to go home the same day of the procedure and will only require a foley catheter for a day or two after the procedure. Patients can then return to a life that’s free of BPH symptoms without the need for daily prostate medications.

    Green Light Laser Therapy is typically an outpatient procedure; meaning you can return home hours after the procedure, and can return to normal, non-strenuous activities within days. The Green Light Laser system delivers the ultimate in BPH treatment — freedom from urinary symptoms, freedom from compromise, freedom to live life the way you choose.

    Ultra Sound B Scan Treatment

    Ultrasound gives a cross-sectional image of the eye, particularly the vitreous and retina when they cannot be seen because of a poor view into the eye. This may be needed in patients with cloudiness of the cornea, dense cataract and vitreous haemorrhage.

    B-scan testing requires contact with the eye or eyelids. If necessary, eyedrops that numb the cornea for a few minutes can be used during the procedure. We use B-scan testing for several reasons, most commonly for patients with cataracts and possible retinal detachments.

    OCT (Zeiss) Treatment

    Dr. Anuj Wallace says that the doctors and staff at Tutt Street Optometry are excited about the new technology and it's ability to help their patients. "The most exciting part of this technology," comments Dr. Anuj, “is the ability to see and therefore treat eye disease prior to a patient experiencing symptoms and/or vision loss. It is becoming the standard of care in glaucoma care and follow-up.” They are also very excited to add the Zeiss OCT device to their practice because it is the latest generation of Special Domain OCT for the highest resolution possible when scanning your eye, and has a very robust glaucoma progression analysis software.

    Patients at Tutt Street Optometry are excited about the arrival of the Zeiss OCT scanning device to the practice, because they understand that early detection means early and better treatment. The arrival of the Zeiss OCT also makes eye exams more convenient for its patients. “Before we acquired an OCT, we would typically have to refer a patient out of office to have an OCT performed. This inevitably would incur some delay and for our out of town patients, another trip back into town for the OCT to be done. Now we can provide timely, in office OCT’s, providing improved comprehensive eyecare to our patients.” comments Dr. Anuj.

    Cataract Surgery

    Cataract surgery is an effective way to restore vision without any complications.

    Eye Specialist

    We have experienced and skilled Eye Specialist, who provide best eye treatments at amazing rates.

    Laser Eye Surgery

    An experienced Dr. Anuj Amin is a popular eye surgeon, who performs all type of eye surgeries like laser eye surgery.

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